Friday, April 6, 2018

Apr 5 - the eyes have it

Yesterday was eye check for me and I ordered new everyday glasses as well as riding glasses.   Expensive.  I'd only intended the latter, because those senses are "crazed", but my left eye prescription has changed enough that it should be updated ... and they don't just do one lens, or at least one lens is the same as two lenses.  I'm keeping my existing frames for the first but not for the second, although I'm questioning that.  I'm not altogether happy with the riding frames that I picked but anything else that I liked better wouldn't come in progressive lenses or wouldn't have transition (day/night).

Other than grocery shopping, I didn't do anything else really of note. Sandy finished up her housework and grocery shopped.  

At dinner, looking at the calendar, she's realizing that I'll be gone for 10 days with the Brazil trip.  Part of the issue there is that a) it's longer than 1200k, so it's a five-day ride, not four, and b) the ride start isn't close to Sao Paolo where I fly in, so there's an extra day at either end for travel to/from.  If I was driving myself, I'd probably trim that time, but I'm relying on a volunteer.  So Sandy is wondering what she'll do for 10 days.  Perhaps we'll contact Jim's cousin and I can persuade her to come to Brazil, but I'm not sure what she'd do there either.  I don't have any touring plans or a car rental etc.  Originally she was thinking that Joyce would come down for part of that time but that's not happening and Marda will have already gone home.  Watch this space ... who knows ?

Jason et al are arriving today; I'm assuming that they're in Rock Hill right now, their usual overnight stop on the way to Florida.  Cassie will be so excited ...

Onward !

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