Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feb 17 - progress !

Dear William Thompson:

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reviewed your submission to the TSA Pre✓® Application program and determined you are eligible for the Program. As a result, TSA will issue you a Known Traveler Number (KTN) for you to use when making flight reservations. To look up your KTN, please visit the TSA website at and select the "Check Status" link. Once you retrieve your KTN, provide it in the KTN field when making flight reservations, either online in your travel profile or by phone with a ticketing agent.

Progress !

I'm confused though.  For days the website has only shown that a letter has been mailed to me (Sandy's is still under review).  Since it wasn't showing a number, I was assuming that some question remained and I'd have some bureaucratic back and forth.  I have not checked the website yet (will do in a minute) but I guess that I'm in the clear.  Perhaps it takes longer to check someone with multiple surnames (Hawkins, Sydor, Thompson) like Sandy :).

Now we wait to see how long Global Entry takes.  For that, we'll actually get cards that we use upon re-entry to the US.  Just think, we're paying money to make this easier for TSA !

Yesterday I rode, and wrapped up my Tamiflu prescription.  I sure wish that I could have some of that on standby but my good doctor wouldn't do that.

Sandy worked in the garden. 

She walked with Debbie in the a.m., hitting all the markets etc. etc. exercising their jaws as much as their legs, gone for 2 hours or so.  Later, she hit Kings for fish, bringing back Pompano and a small piece of Vermilion Snapper.  We've had it before; Sandy didn't remember.  It's not as good as Red Snapper or Pompano, but it's acceptable when nothing else is available, which would be seldom.

Onward ?!?

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Feb 16 - more gardening

That about sums up the day.  Sandy was planting and I was cutting (mangroves).

Somehow a day goes by and nothing much is accomplished ... or so it seems ... a collection of little things.

I did take Cassie over to the sandbar; she ran and ran and ran.  The water temp is still below 70 but that will be changing as the days are getting much warmer.

My trimming wasn't limited to outside-in.  I plowed my way into the mangroves and cut some of the taller ones deep inside.  That's always a challenge. 

Jim and Sheryl came over, entertained Cassie for a bit (or vice versa !), and took their machine over to the flea market.  I went there just once, with Jerry.  Sandy has never been.

I'm awaiting news on our TSA-Pre applications.  They've apparently sent a letter to me but a KTN isn't on the website, so I'm wondering if there's something missing or wrong with my application.  Sandy's is still under review.  I didn't think that this would be so difficult, but then again, perhaps that's a good thing ?!

Sandy didn't feel like cooking or preparing, so we ate at the SYC.  I've seldom seen it so crowded.  Rose and Lily were going crazy with every table and the bar filled with people.  We just found seats and waited.  There's no need to get pushy; Rose knew that we were there.  Sure enough, I think that we were served our drinks before people who were pushy.  It was a lovely day, no need to get agitated. 

We were chatting most of the time with a fellow beside us at the bar, a new member.  He has recently moved from LA to one of the houses on Riverside north of the North Causeway.  He said that he's a chef "now" and that he's been in the entertainment business ... hmm ... I never did find out what that meant but as the conversation continued it was obvious that he'd been working in LA, New York, Toronto, Vancouver ... oh yes, and he's a cyclist.  He doesn't do long distances but had spent a lot of time on the touring types of rides in Europe where they do 50 miles per day.  Oh yes, and he has a finance ...

I'll get out riding today, or at least that's the plan.  Jerry is arriving on Thursday and then of course we'll ride most every day.  The weather looks like it's going to be fantastic.  John Lee and his wife Pat are planning on coming to the area the last week of February, so we'll squeeze some time in for them, somehow.  I've never met Pat; Sandy hasn't met either.  If it all works out, weather-wise, we could go boating on March 2, since Jerry and I will be doing a 400k on March 3.  Of course we're having dinner with Jason et al on March 1 ... obviously the pace is quickening !

Onward !

Friday, February 16, 2018

Feb 15 - get plenty of rest

... and drink lots of fluids.  I guess that going for a 5 hour bike ride and getting dehydrated wouldn't qualify. 

I felt far from fresh but needed to get out and do something.  The east wind added to the fun.  It was supposed to be ESE but was more like ENE on the way home.  Great.  Anyway, time will tell whether that was a good idea.

Sandy continued with her gardening, digging out some well established hibiscus (hibiscae or hibisci or hibiscuses ?).  They'd been well frosted and would have recovered ... but not now.  She found some more that are supposed to be smaller once "all grown up" so that they don't crowd out our bedroom window.  We shall see :).

King's shrimp graced our dinner plates, fresh and crunchy, very good.  They have their own shrimp boats. 

Apparently Jim and Sheryl stopped over yesterday and will be back today to take out their Spyder.  We've had cool foggy days that finally cleared mid-day yesterday, thus my bike ride.  The weather's getting even better as we move closer to March. 

Onward !

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Feb 14 - gardening

Nothing special for V-day here.  None of those $B were spent by us, leaving more for others.

I can't let this one pass -- how many massacres must take place before we realize that assault-style weapons with high capacity magazines have only one real purpose.  Weekly ?  Every other day ?  Daily ?  Twice a day ?  Yes, yes, I understand that some people use them for hunting.  There must be a lot of hunting in South Florida / Broward County.  Enough.

Sandy did a bunch of gardening yesterday, mostly buying replacement plants and positioning them.  Bored with staying inside, I did my kind of gardening, trimming mangroves.  There's a lot to do and at some point I'll have to work my way inside and trim, but at this point I was just using the extendable trimmer.  I've now got a pile of cuttings to move to the driveway.

As for the flu, not gone yet but feeling marginally better.  It has not progressed into stomach or head cold issues, staying with on-and-off pain and occasional sweats and chills.  Perhaps the Tamiflu is doing it's work; I'll never know for sure.  I was tempted yesterday to take some pain reliever and go for a ride but it stayed cool and foggy-misty and I didn't relish getting chilled.  We have dense fog again this morning.  I'm sure that it's nice inland, but not here.

Sandy took Cassie for a walk at one point so she got some fetching at the park.  I've not been much use to her; the skiff hasn't moved.

After hitting Lowes for plants, Sandy visited Kings and found that they had Lionfish, so that became dinner.  It's very good eating, somewhat akin to expensive crappie. 

Onward !

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Feb 13 - if it walks like a duck ...

It hit me late Monday, so Tuesday I decided to get an appointment to see Keller (actually, getting Tamiflu was the impetus).  They first test you for flu and then record symptoms ... but our Kimberley is more more practical -- she said that the flu test is only 50% accurate (false positives and false negatives) and having discussed my symptoms and checked my lungs (clear as a bell) concluded that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck ... you get the idea.  It wasn't an upper respiratory infection ...

So I've started Tamiflu.  Whose flu is this ?  Sandy ?  Shab ?  Davies ?  Gym/Church/Grocery Store/restaurant/out-and-about ?  It's everywhere these days.  She said that I'd be contagious for a week and the prescription would help reduce the severity and length. What the heck.  I think that it's Sandy's and that I've been harboring it, keeping it at bay, for some time. 

Of course I'll never know whether the severity would have been worse ... but I'll use a dose of positive thinking coupled with a placebo :).

So yesterday was pretty much a wipe.  Sandy was much more productive, cleaning and weeding the garden.  Today may be much the same for me.  It's somewhat miserable outside, cool and foggy.  One moment I'm chilled; the next sweating buckets.  I think that I'll be inside most of the day.  I am tempted to take some pain reliever and try to exercise (aka bike) my way through this, but that will only happen if the weather improves.

Onward !

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Feb 12 - teeth and tsa-pre

It was that kind of day.  We both had dental cleanings and we went to Sanford for the TSA-PRE process.  I'd call it an interview, and I guess that it was, but it was check the box with support, take fingerprints, verify identification etc.  Supposedly at some point we'll get a KTN (Known Traveler Number) which will always be input when we check-in for flights and we can go through the faster lines ... in the US.

Global Entry is also underway but that takes much, much longer, as I understand it.

What else ... nothing much ... oh, I did some more mangrove trimming, mostly finishing up the one side that I'd started on Sunday.  That's the easy side. 

What else ... can't think of anything !

Onward !

Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 11 - summer, suddenly

It seems that way.  We had another beautiful day out on the water, this time with Jim & Sheryl; Marvin & Sheila.  I realized right after we'd set sail that I might not have enough life jackets in the boat, did the count, no, returned and used one of the free borrow ones at the marina.  They have them in all sizes, right down to infants.  There's no need to stock up on little sizes, unless of course I take kids out on the skiff !

It was rough on the ocean again so we didn't even make it as far as the end of the breakwater. 

It was really, really busy, but not where we usually park on the island.  However, being low tide, boats were parked on every beach & sandbar that you could find.  The restaurant was busy but we managed to secure a table.  When we left, there was a queue.

The Hemmingford gang headed back to the condo from the marina.  We came home and later ate at the Tiki.  Sandy was hungry for a burger but I was still full from lunch, so I had the mahi salad.  At lunch they'd brought an extra bowl of gumbo by mistake and of course once offered and left on the table, I ate it.  It was good :).

That's about it ... over 70F when I got up this a.m. and now 79F.  Yup, the warmer weather is upon us. 

Onward !