Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dec 11 - close but no cigar

One of the main questions that I'd asked the dealer before picking up this car was whether my existing rims and snows would fit.  Yup, was the answer.  Nope, is the reality.  Close, tantalizingly close, hitting just one spot of the caliper by maybe 1/4".  Oh damn.

So I raced around, searched around and basically came down to one choice - order new tires and rims.  They'll be delivered on Thursday so the earliest that we can leave for the north is Friday a.m.  These tires have a lot of life left but they're no good to me.  I've listed them on Craigslist.


I took Cassie over to the island but didn't get out of the boat.  That didn't bother her; she just kept coming back.  The water temperature was 60F.  Brrr.

Onward !

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dec 10 - no more diesel

Now what do I do with the two containers of DEF in the garage here ?  the 5 gallon container of Diesel in the garage up north ?  Well, I can give the latter to Dennis. He's got a diesel generator.  I can take one of the containers of DEF back, no doubt; the other one is partly used.  Give it to Advance and let them give it to a customer ?  Probably best or else I simply dump it out somewhere. That might be easiest because they probably don't want to take on the liability of giving it away.

We moved up from 2011 to 2015 yesterday.  We were debating between a 2016 and the 2015.  The 2015 had a) fewer miles and b) better interior color.  You wouldn't think that I would be worried about interior color but that white exterior with chocolate (they call it mocha) interior was simply weird.  The other thing about the 2016 is that it had additional packages, including the M package which had nothing to do with the engine but did include wide rear tires. I didn't really want those.  This one has low profile 21" wheels ... yikes ... and very wide.  They'll be a bear to lift, which I'm going to do today as I swap them for the winter tires.  The cars were basically the same price.  I get their CPO warranty, one year unlimited miles ... perhaps we'll do a cross country tour ?  nah. 

The current plan is to leave early on Thursday and get to Brantford on Friday.  Jason take note !

That consumed most of yesterday. 

Northward ... soon.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dec 7/8 - more insurance

It goes on and on.  We thought that we had it nailed; new policy with new ins co in place; programs resumed.  Now the old insurer is looking for loopholes to not defend the case.  Great.  A battle on two fronts !

However, one job done, I got in a day on the road.  Having ridden what seems like a million kms this year ( I've certainly flown a million kms ! ), how can 200k with favorable winds on the flat be so difficult ?!?  A few kms from home my legs locked up with cramps ... how can that be?  Is it the very, very slightly different bike setup ?  Is it the product of sitting here in the kitchen working on the laptop for many days with not much exercise  (that's the most likely cause) ?. 

However, it was good to get out.  I'll have to get the other bike down and do a close comparison for saddle position relative to pedals and bars; saddle height and angle; bar height.  It's supposed to be pretty close.

We're now planning our trip north.  Leaving on the 12th or the 13th, we'll get to Brantford (it's tradition !) on the 13th or 14th.  It depends on our time of departure.  Early a.m. we can make it to Beckley WV with a relatively easy drive on day 2.  Leaving afternoon, we'll clear Florida and have an easier day 2, perhaps Beckley or perhaps north of that.  The weather looks promising ... the snow storm that's about to hit the Carolinas will be through by then and the temps above freezing.  Weather up north looks to be a little south of freezing every day with no expectation of a big dump.  That doesn't necessarily mean clear sailing, but it's better than willingly heading into a snow storm :).

Sandy served up nice crunchy ocean tasting shrimp last night.  Tonight we'll likely eat at the Tiki.  We've only got a couple more nights and we're off and rolling.

... and I have to mount the snow rims.  We can't count on good driving conditions for three weeks ! 

In the meantime we have been looking at replacement used X5's ... but I'm not sure that I'm ready to pull the trigger on that.  There are some reasonable deals on 15's and 16's with mileage keeping them in warranty for a while.  Read my lips - no more diesels ! (although I'll bet that they're cheap !).


Friday, December 7, 2018

Dec 6 - bleary eyed

Now I'm reading insurance policies.  The number of exclusions boggles the mind.  Many questions for the insurer.  Participating in athletics activities is excluded.  Huh ?  What ?  That's what this is about !

The good news is that we actually have policies to review.  We appear to be insured but since we haven't paid a dime yet, I'm not so sure.

Cassie did get over to the island, before Marda left.  Marda is now back in Vermont.  Even though it was cool here, she made sure that she got out and soaked up a few more rays before heading north :).

Onward !

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dec 3 - exactly what we need

Cold.  Mighty cold.  Temps down to -21C at the cottage.  That's what we need for ice on the lake !

It was another day of RUSA work, running reports, doing analysis, practicing my excel skills, using my brain instead of my legs.  Hopefully I can soon use my legs !

Close by no cigar.  Perhaps today.  I hope so.  I'm looking for the "send money here" word.  That's when it's done.

Sandy and Marda went shopping; shopping at the Apple Store.  Now Sandy's phone isn't working.  I can text her but she can't reply.  Not sure what's up ... but whatsapp works :).

Today they're off to Animal Kingdom.  I might join them for dinner, see if we can find the same BAD waitress that served the gang while I was riding a few weeks ago.  That was a full month, hard to believe.

It's cloudy and windy, but I plan to get Cassie over to the island.  She'll be left alone at some point in the afternoon and Lisa will come to feed her.

Onward ?

Monday, December 3, 2018

Dec 1-2 - getting my bearings

The beginning of Dec has mostly been filled with RUSA discussion, tons of emails and phone conversations, but I have managed to squeeze in a few other items:

- Cassie to the island; poor dog lies outside at the door, waiting for me to come out, wanting "action" !
- replacing bearings on a wheel with a White Brothers hub (ordered those bearings from WB a couple of weeks ago) and rebuilding a couple of pairs of Speedplay Frog pedals that also needed new bearings and TLC. 
- some more banana trimming and cleanup
- whatever ... but no riding !

We have dealt with one issue, the insurance, hopefully that's settled today.  The next issue on deck is membership.

Sandy and Marda had brunch at the SYC yesterday and then the three of us went to the Tiki for dinner.  We've definitely spent our minimum for the month, although brunch wouldn't have done it; that is the best and cheapest meal in town.

Sandy had a session with Jessica yesterday; Marda had a mani and pedi.  Disney is on deck for the two of them tomorrow.  I may join them for dinner, as long as I don't have a conference call !

Onward ... in spite of everything ! 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Nov 28-30 - what's happening ?

Oh boy.  Buried.  Email, Facebook, Discussion Groups.  What do you think happens when you tell 3200 people that a major part of their cycling program has been suspended ?  Ugh Ugh Ugh.

I mostly do email using gmail now, on my laptop.  Outlook still runs on my desktop and every week or so I go to that and file all the mail in my inbox.  It's duplicated from what comes into gmail.

So ... how many emails in the last 10 days ?  (mostly over the last few ?) ... hazard a guess ?  -- 1520.  I just checked.  1520 !!!!

As of NOW (actually as of 11:59 pm last night, Nov 30, the Permanents Program part of RUSA rides is suspended.  The only reason that "scheduled events" is live is because we found back-up coverage. There was a ray of hope late last night but we don't have further word yet. 

As a result, I will likely / may, drive to South Florida tomorrow a.m.  (Sunday) to squeeze in my 200k for December.  7-8 hours driving for about the same amount of riding ... I did this in September too !  This isn't a "green" sport !  My other option is to take a chance on the aforementioned ray of hope and plan a Perm in the next 10 days.  If that ray of hope doesn't pan out, I'll end up having to delay the trip north until after a ride in South Florida on the 15th. 

In the midst of this, we got the M5 in for service, replacing the pinion seal on the differential.  It's a little thing but a lot of labor.  There was also a gas line issue that he was going to try to deal with but couldn't get the part.  I handled that here, at home, yesterday afternoon.  So perhaps the M5 is squared away for a while.

I changed the oil on the X5 and now have to mount the snow tires.  Yup, heading for the Great White North soon.

Marda arrived yesterday and is here until the 6th. 

Onward !