Friday, June 15, 2018

Jun 14 - snoozin

I wish that I could bank sleep.  Sleep-load ?  I guess that you can catch up, somewhat, but can't bank it.  Tonight, Friday night, we fly to Venice and then drive to Zagreb (4 hours).  By this time tomorrow we'll be short sleep and wanting to get to our destination-of-the-day asap.

Yesterday, doing some catch-up email etc., I put down the phone and snoozed on the lazy-boy.  Sheryl came over and pushed the button laying it out.  I probably snored but since I was asleep, I didn't know any better.

I caught up with some vendors, mostly brought email up-to-date, cleared out a couple of donation requests in my inbox by ... making donations; worthy causes ... whatever.

In between the rain drops, I used the chuck-it with Cassie.  Jenny isn't a fan of Cassie's or, rather, wants to be alpha and is quite successful.  Cassie avoids her and if she moves to quickly, Jenny is quick to pounce.  Hopefully they'll work it out, since Cassie will be here for 6 weeks now and, planned, another 4 in the Fall. 

As mentioned, it rained a lot of the day yesterday.  It's raining now.  I'd hoped to get out on the bike and will, if it stops.  I do have some significant riding coming up ... 1 week today and I'll be riding out of Sliven BG, a town east of Sofia.  I'll be blitzing 3 rides at that point, 3600k (3x1200) over 20 days.

I was checking to see where we would need vignettes.  In this context, vignette is a sticker or something that shows that you've paid to use the motorway.  Slovenia and Bulgaria will need those, so we pay at the border or first gas station.  Apparently Serbia and Croatia are normal pay-as-you-go toll booths.  The vignettes aren't expensive - 7.50 Euros per week in Slovenia and 15 Euros per month for Bulgaria. 

Oh yes, I was also chasing Sunshine 1200k hotel contacts for 2019.  Two of the contacts are still there; I talked to a third; left a message for the fourth.

This morning, as soon as possible, I need to call Amex. It seems that one of the Corporate cards for RUSA has been compromised.  I'm getting these "did you do this?" emails from Amex and cannot sign onto the second userid (actually the primary userid and card).  They'll want to get the card holder on the phone but she's likely asleep right now. 

What a PITA !


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