Monday, January 1, 2018

Dec 31 - slept through it

Yeah, missed the ball dropping again; not the first time ! 

I actually had planned a short snooze but then Sandy came to bed saying that Jeffrey had already turned in and Sara was still up with Lauren and Emma.

So ... my snooze turned into an all-nighter :).

It looks like Sara made it, seeing a Facebook post from about that time.  Unless the other two were still up, she rang in the new year by herself !

Rather than oil fondue this time we had steak and then chocolate fondue.  It was good.  Both.  Grilling in -15F was a bit of a pain though.  It has warmed up somewhat now; last I checked it was -7F.  Pretty bad when you consider single digits negative as "warming up".

I saw a couple of posts from David in Cuba; that's where he and Vanda welcomed the New Year.  I haven't heard from Stef yet; not sure if they were going out or staying home.  It was too cold to get out on their SUP's !

Earlier in the day the kids and Jeffrey were out skating; Emma trying out her new skates.  I went to Mass in Britt in the a.m.

Another year ... more adventures although tough to beat 2017 what with Kilimanjaro and all ... more blogs to write. 

Onward ! 

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