Saturday, January 13, 2018

Jan 11/12 - back in Florida

The trip back to Florida was uneventful.  The flight was early leaving and early arriving.  We only had carry on bags so we were on the road home before the flight was even supposed to have arrived.  That's got to be a record !  We simply snacked for dinner.

On the 12th rain threatened late afternoon but I got Cassie out to the sandbar for some running.  Hamid and Shab arrived before I was back and I could see them on the dock.  We chatted and laughed; I grilled fish of some sort closely related to snapper; we consumed too much wine :).  We capped it off with Sandy's key lime pie, (which Sara will remind us that they've never had :) and a bottle of icewine from Tawse in Ontario, purchased just before Mike's wedding, touring with the Davies and Dwyers.  Shab wanted "just a taste" and then after she had a taste, some more !

This morning Hamid and I head to Tavares for the 200k and then tomorrow the 300k.  As I haven't been on the bike since early December, this should be interesting.  I finally got around to putting my bike together yesterday; it had still been in the box from Sydney=>Melbourne ... I'd been riding the Litespeed since then.

Onward ...

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