Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jan 10 - tears behind us

Visitation over.  Funeral over.  Visiting over.  Travelers off (well, not us just yet).  It was good to see all my cousins.  It's sometimes hard to place their children with the correct parents but you try to do your best mentally.  I think that we were mostly if not 100% the next generation down.  I was hoping that we might see Susan Tomenson, for instance, but she was in Florida, actually on her way back that day.  We made tentative plans to get together with cousins ... let's see how that pans out.  My aunt's family was amazed to hear that we have a new priest in Port Loring and that the church will be open.  Anne felt that might just get her Mom moving again ... all in jest of course.

We had our first RUSA conference call of the year.  Officers were elected all according to plan. 

This morning we head to Buffalo; flight at 1:17 pm; arrival in Orlando at 4.something; arrival in NSB in time to feed Cassie ... at least that's the plan ! 

Southward !

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