Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jan 7/8 - no riding

Still playing catch-up on the 7th, I was really hoping to get in a ride yesterday.  Rain threatened and then came ... came while I was changing out the snow tires.  That figured.  Anyway, that job is done and the tires stacked out of the way.  They'll be there until next December.

Sandy ran a couple of errands and prepared shrimp that she'd picked up the day before at King's.  Shrimp and sauteed spinach -- one of my favorite meals -- went down well. 

Boarding passes etc are printed for our flight to Toronto this morning.  We've also booked flights for later in the month, Toronto again, as we'll get up to the cottage for a day and then back to Toronto for the Randonneurs Ontario annual awards dinner.  This will be the first time that I attend, and maybe last !  It's expensive to fly, rent a car etc all for a few days.  The trip to Toronto today is obligatory, that's different.  Arlene and Philip are expecting to be there -- in fact, with Arlene's flight arriving just after midnight today, she's likely already in Toronto.  We'll see her at the hotel.

We had our Randonneurs Ontario conference call last night and I have the first RUSA call of the year on Wednesday, from the hotel.  The former ran one hour; the latter will likely run at least two.

Onward ... I guess !

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