Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jan 3-6 - way behind !

Sheryl just gave me a kick !

It's been busy.  Jeffrey got away early on the 3rd, was back home that evening.  Sandy spent the day cleaning.  I got other stuff organized and did as much car packing as possible.  Then we headed out, 4 of us including Lauren and Cassie mid morning on the 4th.

We got a ton of snow on the 3rd, about 14" overall.  It just kept coming.  I did the driveway twice.  I made a trip into town, plowing my way and leaving deep tracks.  Loring didn't get anywhere near as much snow as we did.  Jeffrey had headed east this time and had reported that the snow had gradually died down as they traveled east.  They took highway 11 south.

The snowplow was scheduled to come "first thing" on the 4th but with the volume of snow, that wasn't until around 9am.  The snow blower did its last job for the year (perhaps) clearing the end of the driveway.

Away we went ... getting to Stillars hill and a large pickup pulling a big skidoo trailer was coming down.  I moved a bit to the right and dang, was off the road.  It was like I pulled in and parked in the snowbank.  The plow had cleared more than the road on the right hand side, but not the left.  Even 4-wheel drive wouldn't get us out so I walked back down the road to Copelli's, who were the ones coming in with the trailer.  "Was that you coming down the hill as I was going up" ... "Care to pull me out ?".  They came with their truck and it didn't take much to pull me backwards a little and back onto the road.  We lost a 1/2 hour or so but that was faster than calling the tow truck !

Away we went again, stopping in Parry Sound to take something back to Canadian Tire and then Stef's to drop off Lauren.  Off we went to Costco to pick up cheese and cereal.  On the road again, we had smooth driving to Erie, none of that supposed-5-feet-of-snow being noticeable.  The next day, however, the driving was dicey heading south from Erie for the first couple of hours.  There were many, many cars off the road. 

Erie to Orangeburg was a long haul, as usual, bad traffic at Charlotte, as usual.  Orangeburg to NSB is a little more than 5 hours and we were in the sun again.

On the way south, the DEF started its 1000 mile countdown, indicating that I needed to add.  I'd put in 2.5 gallons before heading north, so I didn't believe it.  Sure enough, after we were home for a few hours, the reserve tank thawed and the countdown stopped.  The alternative would have been to add DEF to the active, heated tank.  I wouldn't have run out of miles on this trip but on a longer trip would have picked up some from any gas station.  Everyone carries it now.

A few hours before we got home I received an email from Michael that my Aunt Ruth had passed away.  Ugh.  I feel so bad that we weren't able to see her at Christmas but she didn't want visitors.  We're now booked to fly to Toronto on Tuesday / back on Thursday.  It's going to be a crazy winter.

Today, the 7th, I've done some Randonneurs USA catch up.  I'm not there yet but making progress. 

Onward ...

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