Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jan 2 - and Jeffrey is off ...

He left this morning, around 6:10 a.m., heading east towards Highway 11 to avoid the snow squalls between here and Parry Sound.  It's only 1/2 hour longer on good roads, could easily be shorter today.

We've got another 3" of fluffy on the ground this morning, most of which has fallen in the last couple of hours.  We're not quite out of the range of lake effect.  Jeffrey had parked at the top of the driveway so there wasn't any difficulty getting out, but I did follow him out to 522 a few minutes after he left just to ensure that he made it.  522 had been freshly plowed but of course ours won't be plowed until early tomorrow a.m., "after the event".  The road is no problem for someone with snow tires or 4-wheel drive ... neither of which he has !

Yesterday, the 2nd, the 4-wheeler got a lot of exercise solo on the lake (Jeffrey) and  pulling the kids on sleds (Jeffrey).  The sleds got used on the hill as well and we used up the few fireworks once it was dark.

The tree came down in the morning.  That took a good couple of hours.  The branches are piled on the lake for spring dispersal.  The trunk is standing up in one of my fishing holes, forlorn without branches.  I've still got the post and beam lights to take down but that doesn't take long.

Sandy went for a walk and stopped to say hello to the Troup's, who were up with the couple that are mutual friends with Don & Claudia.  The four of them have been here for New Years before, a long time ago.  Although we've been away a lot this past summer, I haven't seen the Troup's in once.  We might have missed them.

I had my usual day fishing -- rigs in early, pulled out at end of day with no minnows.  Thieves !

We had Swiss Chalet ribs and peas for dinner, easy to do.  Lauren was in heaven.  I don't think that she gets pork at home and doesn't get peas. 

Today will be busy prepping the house.  We plan to leave tomorrow, Thursday, as this area heads into a deep freeze.  We'll drop Lauren off on the way.

Onward !

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