Monday, February 12, 2018

Feb 11 - summer, suddenly

It seems that way.  We had another beautiful day out on the water, this time with Jim & Sheryl; Marvin & Sheila.  I realized right after we'd set sail that I might not have enough life jackets in the boat, did the count, no, returned and used one of the free borrow ones at the marina.  They have them in all sizes, right down to infants.  There's no need to stock up on little sizes, unless of course I take kids out on the skiff !

It was rough on the ocean again so we didn't even make it as far as the end of the breakwater. 

It was really, really busy, but not where we usually park on the island.  However, being low tide, boats were parked on every beach & sandbar that you could find.  The restaurant was busy but we managed to secure a table.  When we left, there was a queue.

The Hemmingford gang headed back to the condo from the marina.  We came home and later ate at the Tiki.  Sandy was hungry for a burger but I was still full from lunch, so I had the mahi salad.  At lunch they'd brought an extra bowl of gumbo by mistake and of course once offered and left on the table, I ate it.  It was good :).

That's about it ... over 70F when I got up this a.m. and now 79F.  Yup, the warmer weather is upon us. 

Onward !

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