Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb 10 - not quite according to plan

I was looking forward to the ride south yesterday, as the worker-bees wouldn't be at the new bridge on the trail and I might be able to go around and see where it takes me.  Sure enough, I was able to go around the yellow tape, walk along the dirt path, clamber over the pump & hose with my bike and then head north on the other side.  This trail starts in Titusville and my expectation was that it would end up, for me anyway, in Edgewater.

Well, not quite.  On and on and on, straight as an arrow, this broad avenue headed north parallel to I95 ... but make that a crooked avenue.  It gradually turned west and I was expecting that it would intersect with Osteen Maytown road so I could head over to Oak Hill and then home.  Nope.  Eventually it petered out with construction and dirt and I could make my way over to a parallel road, which turned out to be OM.  I'd been heading away from Oak Hill.  I then had a choice to either take that road back to OH or continue to Osteen, as I was getting close anyway, north on 415 and east on 44.  It was a 6-of-one situation, so I choose the new route. 

My 62 mile ride had been bumped to 68 by going to Merritt Island and taking the trail as far as that bridge but now ended up at 80 miles.  My one bottle of water ran out long before as did the gels that I'd brought with me.  One bottle of water + a hot day + 80 miles doesn't compute very well.

However, I am out there to ride and I did.  NO regrets.

Jason et al had left or their rental before noon; I'd headed out around 11:30; it was 5:30 by the time I got home.  The day was practically done.  Sandy warmed up the leftover salmon & leek pie which was excellent even second hand, plus some other veggies.   We watched some olympics and then Sandy continued to watch as I went to bed.

Onward !

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