Saturday, February 10, 2018

Feb 8/9 - out and about

With Jason, Lorraine & Kim here, we had a couple of days of boating, first with the skiff and then with the Hydra Sports.  The days couldn't have been different, and still go boating.  Out with the skiff it was very windy and cool.  Out to the causeway sandbar as usual, Cassie got in her share of running and fetching.  Yesterday, out for a good part of the day, we were able to finally do the usual -- out to the ocean (too rough to go very far), to the sandbar and then lunch at Inlet Harbor, renamed Off The Hook, an extension of the same-named restaurant in the Publix plaza.  Apparently the owner has two more restaurants - the steak house in the same plaza and another in Port Orange.

We did have a brief sprinkle as we were coming back from the ocean but that was the end of it.  We laughed that we should have brought umbrellas like Alister, but thankfully it was very brief.  The rest of the time it was sunny and warm, no more stray clouds.  We stayed on the island for quite some time and Cassie couldn't get her fill of running for the ball, it seemed. 

The restaurant, reopened, has more inside area than before.  Outside is still under construction with a larger bar area and reportedly (according to the waitress) only a few tables.  I'll bet that they have as many tables as they can crowd in.  There's no direct access to the outside bar & table area from the dock, you have to walk around.  Right now, with the construction, it's difficult to get to the restaurant.  Cassie was very good; she's learned that she should stay put.  She's getting older, it seems ...

The motor started well enough; surprisingly the battery was still good.  I did, however, swap batteries with the one from the skiff, giving the other one a chance to have a full charge.  It's doing that now, at our dock.  As usual, I gave the motor a spray of quick-start.  It's not worth exercising the starter motor and battery for a long time to have it start otherwise.  I expect that if we go out on Sunday, which is the current plan, it will start right up.  Sitting for months without running isn't the best thing for it !

While we were out in the skiff, Sandy and Lorraine went to Flagler, checking out things a bit and picking up fish for dinner.  That night we had melt-in-your-mouth scallops for dinner.  Last night we went to Riverpark restaurant on Riverside just north of the South Causeway.  It was good. 

The Davies gang heads to Orlando today, taking possession of their rental for the next few weeks.  At this point we only have one visit planned, dinner at Disney on March 1.  That could very well change :).

Onward !

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