Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Feb 5 - on hold

I'd submitted my OAS application in September, figuring that would be plenty of time as my birthday was in December and I wouldn't be paid anything until end of January.  Wrong.  I hadn't seen anything or heard anything, so I called.  Yup, they have my application.  32 weeks minimum and 15 months max to process, if "international ops" has to get involved.

I guess that we'll have to eat some of Cassie's food while we're waiting ...

Cold and windy prevailed, so I didn't go out on the bike.  Today I will go.

Sandy had Jessica over, exercising in our "upstairs gym".  Noah, Jessica's son, loves the change in scenery.  The next baby is due mid-March ... hopefully he (yes, gender confirmed) will be as good a baby !

Jason, Lorraine & Kim leave the GWN today heading for Florida.  We'll see them tomorrow.

Sandy did a stir-fry with the leftovers from the pork chops the night before ... always good. 

16 quarts later ... yeah ... I changed the oil and filter in both cars.  The X5 was giving me warnings that I only had 340 miles left (and counting down) before needing an oil change ... right.  The M5 had tripped its counter long ago, but that's because I had not reset it last year.  Now they're both "in the green".  Now I've got used oil to take to Advance ...

I wound up the day with a Randonneurs Ontario conference call that lasted less than an hour.  Hooray !  However, I ended up with "to do's" from the meeting - reprinting brochures and business cards in advance of the Toronto Bike Show.  I use Vistaprint for that.

Onward !  

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