Monday, February 5, 2018

Feb 4 - awaiting the rain

I thought about getting out early for a ride, before the rain hit, and missed my chance.  I got hung up with submitting TSA Pre and Global Entry applications.  We've got appointments for the former and in the review queue for the latter.

The wind continued to pick up in advance of the storm coming through but I took Cassie out, bouncing in 2' waves in the ICW.  The island's sand was soft, even Cassie sunk down 6" at every step.  She was a bit unsure at first but then got used to bounding in the mud.  It took some rinsing to get her mostly clean !

Jim and Sheryl dropped by late in the day, before Sandy got back from the Art Show in Mount Dora (no mountain, of course).  A quick visit and they headed out before the rain.  Sandy went out and picked up some pork chops and I grilled in a light rain, not a big deal.

Another day done. One day older !

Onward !

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