Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Apr 8/9 - I'm always behind, it seems

Forever behind.  Perhaps I should give up blogging.  George did that; only planning on blogging when they were on the road and really doing something interesting.  Facebook took over for the interim times, but even that dies off after a while for most of us. 

I find my blog useful for myself.  I can search back, see when people visited, see when we were in certain cities, countries etc.   BUT ... I'm having trouble keeping up.  The first hours of the day get taken up with email.  My clearest thinking hours are spoken for.

For now, I'll keep at it, blogging that is.  Blogger ... "you're a hard habit to break" ... to quote Chicago !

Let's see ... the 8th was supposed to be a rainy day.  I'd ridden the day before expecting that the 8th wouldn't be good for riding.  I did ride on the 9th and almost made it home, got dumped on 3 blocks away. 

I've been working on the RUSA store inventory -- physically -- counting, offering up for give-away, getting Paul started on running his part of the RUSA Store show. Today I have to call the State and do something about sales taxes.  Great.

I've been researching flights, best options for the Oz/Israel trip, starting point either Montreal or Orlando and how to break up the flights.  I should call Amex and see what advice they can provide.

As I mentioned, I did ride on the 9th, south again.  It seems that south has become my most frequent loop.  It's much more interesting now that I have the path to use.   Surely one of these days, I'll have a NE wind.

Sandy picked up Marda at the airport yesterday.  I was wondering if she'd be delayed due to thunderstorms.  We were repeatedly dumped upon and that is continuing even this morning.  No doubt the sprinkler also ran ... right ... I'd meant to turn that off !

Rides are coming.  600k this weekend.  1000k next weekend.  Brazil 1200k the following weekend. 

Onward !

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