Thursday, April 12, 2018

Apr 11 - Dad's Birthday

Even without the calendar entry, I'd remember this date and several others, Alex, for instance.  Amex forces me to remember my Mom's birthdate, as that's a verbal security code.  I could change that, but haven't.

On the eve of the eve of the first multi day ride, we had dinner on the Disney Boardwalk with Jason, Lorraine & Kim.  We got there early and managed a trip around the boardwalk.  It's been a long time since we were there.

The Ale and Compass is a relatively new restaurant.  Kim, Marda and Sandy had the ravioli.  Jason had the Scrod.  Lorraine had (whoops, I forget), and I had the ribless ribs.  The highlight, however, was the roasted cauliflower ordered as a starter by Sandy & Marda.  A huge amount of food, it had been finished with buffalo wing sauce, quite interesting.  I started with the so-called romaine wedge.  Since romaine isn't really round, it isn't really a wedge, but whatever.

We were home shortly after 9pm.  Lisa had taken care of Cassie's dinner.

Earlier in the day I had finished up my RUSA freebie mailing and also visited T-Mobile.  I may do the phone / carrier switcheroo.  I hope that works out well. I'll have to do some googling of reviews.

Tomorrow and Saturday, I ride. 

Onward !

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