Monday, April 16, 2018

Apr 12-15 - yes, I'm here

Probably should have blogged yesterday ...

Not much to report from Thursday and of course Friday and Saturday, I was riding.  It was hot.  The car thermometer said 95F when I left Tavares on Saturday.  It was a somewhat leisurely ride, with a 5 hour night stop which is very unusual for me, but I thought what the heck.  I'm going to cover some of those same roads next weekend too ... not quite ready for that yet !

On Sunday I spent some time fussing with the Florida sales tax and have questions for them today.  Patty Himes came for dinner and Sandy made her now-famous scallops.    Patty's care was in for service so Sandy picked her up and I took her home. 

Marda has changed her flight home from today (Monday) to Wednesday.  We'll drop her off and then head to Epcot.

Onward !


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