Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Apr 16 - Brazil, soon

It's on my mind.  Perhaps that's because I'm working through the route and see all the squiggly lines.  Squiggly lines mean switchbacks.  Switchbacks can mean descending but that goes quickly; it's the ascending that I'm worried about !

However, that's next week.   This week it's cool here.  Right now I see an outside temp of 50F which has fallen since I got up.  However, yesterday's issue was more the wind, so much so that I didn't take Cassie out to the sandbar.  She had to watch me working on the motor, bothered that I was by the boat but not going out.  This was routine stuff - changing bottom end oil - which, thankfully, the little platform facilitates. 

I did some more digging into the Florida Sales & Use tax yesterday, doing our first filing which is zero all around as there were no sales for the 1st quarter since we hadn't transferred anything to Florida by that point.  Right now we're on quarterly filing which we can appeal once we've got a year under our collective belts.  Our volumes are low enough that we will either be semi-annual or annual - our filing for sales tax is annual in California.  I do learn a lot of mostly useless information in this zero pay job .... :).

Onward ...

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